Monday, 23 November 2009

Sky growing fast

This is one of the latest photos of Sky that I took last week. She is now at the stage of really long legs that look so funny!!

What a busy weekend

Well it all started friday night having to take the grandchildren to meet their dad the other side of Peterborough then when I got home making cupcakes and biscuits to take to Alison's crop in Norwich.
Up early Saturday morning to help Stef pack the shop up as she had been to the pictures in Milton Keynes with Dee and did not get in till 2.30 am.
Then dash home get my stuff ready to take then drive to Norwich and back so Sunday was a day of rest I managed to do some scrapping but mostly just chilled.

Monday, 26 October 2009

I feel terrible I think I have what is officially known as man flu. I had my flu jab on Friday and yesterday I felt like I hit a brick wall.Hubbie is so complimentary and keeps telling me I look like Shit!!!how nice is that.Have not done any scrapping for weeks now just have not had the time with the new puppy and looking after myself and the kids.We are away this weekend with some friends from Wales we are meeting them at Uttoxeter race track camp site it will be the first time we have taken Sky away in the van so that could be great fun!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Well this is a pic of our new puppy she is adorable and is going to be a bit spoilt I think!!!!!
(Mike already lets her sleep on the sofas)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New Puppy

Well I have my new puppy and she is gorgeous she has adapted to this house very quickly she is laying on the floor by my feet with her head nearly in my shoes (probably been gassed by the smell from them) I have taken some pics and will put them on here tomorrow night when I have some help to look after Sky

Monday, 5 October 2009


Well ladies it is not going to be quiet for long as we are now getting the puppy tommorow as the breeders have some friends coming up to Northamptonshire tommorow and they are going tobring it so we do not have to travel 10 hours on Saturday.
How great is that!!!!!
It is my first night without Stef and the kids and it is lovely and Mike is also at work so bonus hey!!!!
But on the down side I feel like s--t sore throat and shivery headache and got to go to work in the morning cant pull a sickie as I am on report for having too much time off sick. I have a cronic illness and they don't seem to understand that stress makes it flare up so they keep stressing me out!!!!!
Well am off to the old bed now so speak to you all soon

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Quiet House

Well tommorow is the big day my daughter and two grandchildren move out into their own rented accommodation two villages away they have been with us for the last four months and while it has been great to have them they are very tiring and for some reason I am not getting any younger!!!
But next week we get our puppy
I am really looking forward to picking her up

Monday, 28 September 2009


Well that was a shock I know my daughter never takes any notice of what my hubbie and I say but this time she has excelled herself!!. This little cutie now belongs to my hubbie and I.
How could you possibly say that you do not want her!!
After losing our dog 5 days after we left for 5 weeks in Australia last Dec I think Stef has felt guilty ever since (the dog was over 15 years of age) she took Mike to Sandringham and decided that he needed a dog to take the next time.
So we pick her up on the 10th of October from South Wales and bring her back to good old Norfolk.
As Stef and the children move out so she thought we would be lonely what a wonderful thoughtful daughter we have

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Indian Summer

Wow what a day it was so warm here in Norfolk that my hubbie had his shorts on still (not a pretty sight)
I love this time of the year it is still warm during the days but very chilly at night so you can snuggle up under a fleece blanket on the settee watching telly( dont watch only about 2hrs a day)
Yesterday we went to the Norwich crop run by Alison we always get a very warm welcome when we take the shop there.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bad bad blogger

Hi I am such a bad girl as I have not been on here for nearly a month but I just don't know where the time has gone!!!!
Still have my daughter and two children living with us it has been good but I could not and I mean NOT have children of my own at this age(49) how people do it I do not know!!!
You have to admire them

Monday, 24 August 2009

lay-outs done over the weekend

I was a really bad girl at the weekend Stef had some new papers in on Friday and she took some of them to a crop and left some here and I could not resist them. I had to confess when she came home though.
Still you have to have some perks to having a shop in your spare room don't you!!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Peace and quiet

Well I am making the most of the peace and quiet tonight as Stef and the kids are back tommorow so it will be back to two noisy children running around!!
No I have really missed them and can not wait to see them but I will be at work when they get home so they will have to put up with grandad till Nanny gets home to see them.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Heart skipped a beat!!

Earlier tonight Stef and I went shopping (about 6pm) and on the way we saw a plume of smoke at the time we said that looks like it is near Dows (my husband works there and went to work at about 5-30pm never thought no more about it got home and took a quidk look on facebook and the first thing I saw was that someone said it was Dows that was on fire and there had been a couple of explosions well my heart skipped a beat if not two or three!!
My husband had been in a explosion in 1981 when I was pregnant with Stef.
As I was trying to ring to see if that was where the fire was my husband rang me to tell me that it was a warehouse next to Dows and that he was fine.
One of the buildings was a Grade two listed building that was part of a flax mill years ago.
Thnkfully I think that it was empty at the time. My hubbie said he could feel the heat from the flames as he parked the car on the carpark and walked across the compound to work.
After the week my hubbie has had that would have been the icing on the cake.

This is my husband,daughter,grandson and grandaughter in scotland this year we ahd the best weather ever it was so hot we had to sit in the shade a lot of the time!!!

This is my son Kevin and his girlfriend Cheryl in Tasmania last December we spent nearly five weeks out there and spent Christmas day on the barrier reef

New Blog

Well here I go again this time I will blog more regularly than the last one( I promise I will try)
I am very lucky I have my daughter living with me at the moment with here two children and also her shop.
Her shop is Indigo mill which is a online scrapbooking store and I am so lucky that I get to see everything before she even puts it in her shop!!!!
Mind you it does mean that I spend a lot of money with her !!!
I love trying anything crafty I work as a seamstress at our local hospital and love sewing so it is a ideal job.
I will post some pictures on here at some point when I learn how to do it!!!

Bye for now